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Earn 30% commission on all book sales!

I'm pleased to announce the immidiate availability of our affiliate program. Currently, the program is open to all and has a flat rate 30% payout fee on all sales. Payment is once monthly and actions lock 15 days after the sale, if there is no refund or chargeback (we currently have less than a 1% chargeback rate over the last 3 years, and I'd like to keep it that way). Payouts require a minimum balance of $25.

To drop your affiliate cookie, simply link to (replacing with your paypal-linked email address). The affiliate program is in its infancy now, so there are no pre-prepared tools. If you have any requests, quiestions or comments contact me at support @ (or open a ticket at my helpdesk).

I look forward to profitting with you!


In order to get paid, you will need a Free account and a Free Account.

Note: You will Not get paid commissions unless you have these accounts. allows you to receive cash by email. allows Mirimar Enterprises, LLC, to keep proper tax records. These services take a small nominal service fee (published at the site) for the convenience for their service to allow rapid payment. Take the time now to join to ensure you get paid.