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Ever Thought About Hosting Your Own Dedicated Server or VPS, But Afraid You Don't Have The Technical Know-How To Pull It Off ???

Finally, A Step-By-Step Process To Walk You Through The Steps Of Getting A Dedicated Server or VPS Up And Running!

Learn To Become Your Own Hosting Provider And Slash Your Monthly Hosting Fees By Setting Up Your Own Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Servers Instead Of Paying For Multiple Shared Hosting Accounts

  • FACT: The majority of software on Linux dedicated servers is 100% free.
  • FACT: There are open-source control panels for Linux dedicated servers which are 100% free
  • FACT: If you're savvy enough to buy your own domain and set it up, chances are you're savvy enough to manage your own dedicated server or virtual private server.
  • FACT: Most web professionals think that managing their own dedicated server or virtual dedicated server is beyond their abilities... But they're usually DEAD WRONG!

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If you haven't had a chance to check out our free video tutorial series, you're missing out! I highly suggest that you sign up for this. In it I take you step by step through what I did to set these things up on my own server. You'll see a screenshot of me using webmin in real-time - just as if you were watching me work over my shoulder!
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I know what you're probably thinking - I thought it myself before I got involved in the dedicated server industry...

Dedicated is hard and expensive... So why bother?

The average shared hosting provider, whether Linux or Windows Server based, charges around $6.99 per month for every website you host there. If you are a small web professional and only have 5 clients, that comes out to $35/month. Did you know that you could get your own virtual private server which can easily handle 20 times that amount of websites for under $30 per month??? That's an extra $669 of profit every single month that YOU could be making.

While shared hosting providers might not host you on a Starter server (at least, you better hope they're not doing that... but you never know!) they're probably paying $300 a month or so, and hosting at least 1000 websites on it. That's a cool $6690 of profit every month!

With System Administrators charging upwards of $100/hr, it's no wonder that your hosting provider wants to keep that money to themselves, but what if YOU could do it? Could you imagine how much money you would save? How much money you could make by selling these services? This book will teach you what you need to know to accompish this and put it to work for you instead of for your service provider.

Learn How To Keep That Extra Cash in YOUR Pocket
Instead of Your Hosting Provider's!!!

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Still not convinced?

No problem. I've got a special deal just for you. First of all, make sure you've got in on the free video tutorial series, which covers:

  • Configuring the Webmin FREE Web-Based Control Panel
  • Securing your online control panel
  • Installing your own DNS server
  • Adding user to your server
  • Adding Secure FTP to your server
  • Configuring your Webserver
  • Creating your first website
  • Installing a MySQL database
  • Setting up outgoing emails
  • Setting up webserver log analysis


Just to prove to you that I'm interested in your success more than anything else, I'm going to give you access to these hi-resolution videos which show me completing the above tasks in real-time - using the same instructions in the eBook - for free. Just fill out the form below, and I'll send you your first video, on configuring Webmin, immediately. Plus, I'll also tell you where you can get a server to practice on for just $5 with no setup, and no contract!

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And If That's Not Enough

You can check out a sneak-peak at the table of contents for The Dedicated Servers Handbook™ : A Beginner's Guide To Managing Your Own Dedicated Server (Linux Edition). Look it over and see for yourself, how much information you're going to get in this book.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you try this book and decide within 14 days that despite an honest effort to put into practice the techniques but are unable to set up the various pieces of software despite the instructions, I'll refund
100% of your money, no questions asked.


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The Dedicated Server Handbook(tm) - A Beginner's Guide To Setting Up A Dedicated Server - Linux (Second Edition) [Digital eBook] - $39.95

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Praise for The Dedicated Server Handbook

This book is an excellent walk-through and tutorial for anyone wanting to setup a server for web hosting using Webmin. I was impressed by how many of the modules it covered, and how it is based in on a quite recent Webmin release (unlike my book!).

Jamie Cameron - Author of Webmin

The goal of The Dedicated Server Handbook is to provide you with step-by-step instructions for setting up, configuring, and managing a dedicated server. Throughout the book, the author addresses the software you are most likely to find on an Internet server, such as FTP, Apache, MYSQL, and email, all discussed through the eyes of Webmin... Enough appropriate material is included that it should be possible, with little or no previous experience, to set up a web server quickly... You will save a great deal of time setting up your server, which makes this book worth the money.

Linux Magazine

Good job on The Dedicated Server Handbook e-book. It is well targeted to beginners. It has pictures which conveys thousands of words. It is well put, indexed, systematic and functional. It actually works, I have personally had success with it. I highly recommend this low cost investment, it will get you started quickly and is fun to learn.

Mike Poirier

I would just like to say thank you, for such a great walk though on setting up my own dedicated web server. As a designer I always paid someone else to take care of my servers and now I can take care of them myself. With your book I am also going to be able to offer my customers a full service one stop shop for web design and hosting. I never really realized how easy it is to setup a server, but thanks to you, even designers can be server admins.

Ryan Adkins

Thanks for the great - and much needed! - video series and Dedicated Server Handbook. I've enjoyed both of them very much and they are extremely helpful in not only setting out what is necessary to manage your own dedicated server but also to "push" someone like me (who has a lot of cpanel and WHM experience, but not dedicated server setup) past the unknown and into server freedom! I am going step-by-step through the Handbook and it's right on the money. I really don't know how you could acquire so much information on your own (other than by apprenticing at a web hosting company for 10 years...)!

Jonathan Phillips

I would like to let you know that I have successfully setup a dedicated development server out of my own house now that runs my own DNS and Apache2, PHP5, and MySQL5 and the DNS part of that is thanks to your book.
Overall your book was written extremely well. The instructions were very clear and detailed enough that someone with some basic *NIX experience could get through them without too much trouble. Most tutorials do not go into enough depth on the commands to run or why you run them but your book takes care of those sorts of gaps. Even though I am a fairly experienced web developer and have set up Apache/PHP/MySQL more times than I can count I still appreciated that level of detail. If I feltI didn't need the information I could simply skip it which I found much easier to do than digging around online hoping I could find the missingpiece(s). Props for the book and I hope that others find it as useful as I have.

Michael White

I have been in reciept of your book and videos for a about a week now and would like to thank you for writing the book and creating the videos.
The videos have been invaluable! Make more!

Jason Rastrick

I think the video series is fantastic. It made it possible for me to add Linux servers to my repertoire. I have a server running well and doing exactly as I require. Thanks.

Greg Neid

Thanks a lot for the book, I think it's very helpful and all of your videos as well! Issac is professional and responded to my few questions quickly. 100% satisfied

Alonso Martinez

Your videos are great. I set up a Ubuntu test server running on VMWare and it all works great! I work in IT for a school system and I am trying to learn Linux so I can use it a my school network. Thanks!
PS I'm buying the book too now!

Adam C

I just wanted to thank you for the great information and tutorials!

Ben Paster

This handbook is a must have for the dedicated server newbie (like me). I bought a server for our expanding internet site and didn't know where to turn for setup guidance. This book is jam packed full of information that would have taken me days to collect on internet forums. I donít think I could have set our server up without this.

William Donovan

I enjoy watching your videos because it is impossible not to learn from those videos when you watch them. I watch them over and over until I master the lessons. I will now get my own copy of the Dedicated Server Handbook.

Arold Gregoire

Wow! This is huge! Lots of great information. I feel like a little indian boy with a new toy! I also really liked all your videos. I was up until 5 in the morning watching and rewatching. Thanks.

Brian Horn

The web-tech training I had taken left out a few key items that I needed for setting my development/testing intranet arena up like the internet. `The Dedicated Server Handbook` has filled in the gaps, refreshed my trainning and has given a better understanding of the technology.

I had been searching for an all-in-one server solution book such as this for a long time now. I was hesitant in buying `The Dedicated Server Handbook` as all the books I had seen were incomplete - missing the key items I required.

I found your videos on the internet and signed up for the free video training and with some luck got my server up and running. I am using ubuntu server 10.10 with webmin 1.530 so the videos were a little behind the time and I had to do some trial and error testing. (I had some trouble with the DNS figuring out when to apply zone or configurations - and setting up virtual named hosts in Apache2).

I purchased `The Dedicated Server Handbook` as a `thank you` for the video training that solved my problems. As it turns out - `The Dedicated Server Handbook` is a complete step by step tutorial for getting your server up and running securely. It is also a great reference and now that the 2nd edition covers webmin 1.530 it will be even easier for newcomers to setup their servers.

Thanks again, Issac!

Scott Noble